RDAbbott is sharing a recording of their recent webinar titled “Improving Self-Lubricating LSR in Sealing Applications with a Novel Third-Stream Additive.” This one-hour course about a new Dow liquid silicone rubber (LSR) product was livestreamed on October 19, 2021. It was part of RDAbbott’s 2021 Webinar Series, which provided technical insights and processing recommendations from our supplier partners.

Why You Should Watch and Listen

Self-lubricating LSR is the material of choice for electrical sealing in automotive applications. With constant changes in the industry, the performance requirements of this material are becoming increasingly challenging and related material formulations constantly more complex.

What You Missed But Can Still Learn

The presenter, Dr. Michael Backer, Senior Research Scientist with Dow, covered these and other topics:

  • Factors, such as compression set, that impact basic sealing properties
  • How this new additive noticeably shifts the thermal stability of an entire material family
  • How this new additive can stabilize mechanical properties at elevated temperatures
About the Presenter

Dr. Michael Backer studied Chemistry at the Technical University Munich and completed his PhD in Metal-Organic Chemistry at Humboldt-University at Berlin. He started his career with Dow in July 1999 as an Industrial Postdoc and joined the company as Senior Chemist in April 2000 in Midland, Michigan.

After stays at various locations, he is now located at Wiesbaden, Germany, working as a Senior Research Scientist in the Product Development Department for LSRs. One major focus is on the development of thermally stable self-lubricating LSRs for applications in mobility and transportation market.

Michael has co-authored 9 peer-reviewed articles and 9 book chapters and has supported 43 patent applications.

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