Our product line encompasses an extensive best-in-class list of elastomeric products—including a full line of medical grade elastomeric polymers, rubber chemicals, fillers, plasticizers, bonding agents, and testing equipment—all from respected manufacturers with trusted name brands.

RDAbbott represents only the best suppliers like Dow, Parker LORD, 3M, ARLANXEO, Cancarb, Hallstar, TSE Industries, Alpha Technologies, NovationSi, and ITW Pro Brands; each is a respected technology leader in the rubber industry.

We have nearly every synthetic rubber polymer, plus the chemicals, curatives and other high performance additives necessary to meet nearly any compounding requirement.

Where else can you find the top name brands of EPM, EPDM, NBR, XNBR, HNBR, HXNBR, CR, BR, IIR, CIIR, BIIR, IIR-Ionomer, EVM, ACM, S-SBR, FKM (TYPE I, II, III, IV), FFKM, AU, EU, MQ, VMQ, PVMQ, FVMQ, LSR, and F-LSR all under one roof?

We also integrate down-stream rubber processing materials such as bonding agents, mold releases, curing tapes, and high performance coatings, as well as testing equipment and protocols, tool design and engineering.


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